Cardio Trace

“A man is as old as his artery”

Thomas Sydenham, a 17th Century Physician

The Cardio Trace is a brilliant device that can be used to carry out a simple and non-invasive test to measure a person’s vascular age (or age of their arteries).

The ‘Next Generation’ in Bioage Testing

CardioTrace device is designed for use by the health professional, alternative practitioner or the individual.  It can be used in the home, work place or leisure centre to show users how exercise, diet, dietary  supplements and lifestyle can change the stiffness/elasticity of their arteries.

An infrared sensor is simply clipped to the subject’s finger.  An infrared light is passed through it and Bioage Test automatically scans, collects and analyses the data from the sensor. The proprietary algorithm then analyses the collected data and determines the stiffness of your arteries and expresses the result in terms of ‘Biological Age’.

The Cardio Trace estimates the stiffness/elasticity of your arteries from the pulse waveform obtained at the finger (digital volume pulse DVP) with an infra-red sensor which is very easy to use.

The speed at which the pulse travels along the arterial tree is directly related to arterial stiffness/elasticity. Measuring the time it takes for the pulse waves to travel through the arterial system provides a simple but accurate way of measuring arterial stiffness/elasticity.

The shape of the volume waveform in the finger is directly related to the time it takes for the pulse waves to travel through the arterial tree. This very important observation is used by the Cardio Trace and makes it a powerful non-invasive tool for the assessment of arterial stiffness/elasticity. Once the arterial stiffness is calculated from the pulse waveform it is compared with a database of arterial stiffness values from which the vascular age is determined.

Furthermore, Bioage Test holds the subject’s data obtained by previous examinations. Bioage Test is the only system with a validated database.

So once your data is obtained and displayed Bioage Test will ascertain the age of the subject’s arteries.

You do not need to be a medical professional to administer a Bioage Test.

The simple procedure produces a vascular age thus, very simply, that figure can be compared to your own age, to see how you compare to your counterparts.

You may only be 40 but if your arterial health is that of an average 70-year old, due to premature arterial stiffness, then you can take action to improve the situation and avoid a catastrophe.  Using the Cardio Trace, a Bioage Test can show every adult their own personal level of health and wellness.

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Pathway PEOs will help you achieve a better Biological Age.

Taking Pathway Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) will produce measurable results. We have teamed up with Bioage Testing to validate the before and after effect of Pathway PEOs. In all trials we have found clear improvements when comparing the before and after. Now your participating distributor can offer you this validation.

You can take a test with, a participating Pathway Distributor, before you take a course of Pathway PEOs, then again after the course.  You will see a measurable difference.  The efficacy of Pathway PEOs on your Biological Age will be validated.

This service will be available from May 2011.  Please look out for future announcements on Bioage Test events.